A visit to the Bible Lands is invaluable for any Christian. Bible events come to life when you stand in the very places where Jesus performed miracles, Apostles preached the Gospel, and heroes acted on their faith. This immersive tour deepens the way you read, understand, and share God's Word. 


I invite you to join me on a 13-day comprehensive study tour in Israel from May 11 to 23, 2020. Stroll through Capernaum and see where Jesus spoke of His kingdom and performed miracles. Sail on the Sea of Galilee, wade in the Jordan River, and float in the Dead Sea. Walk in the very steps of Abraham, David, Jesus, and other biblical people. Stories in the Bible come to life in vivid, lasting ways. This immersive tour will forever change the way you read the Scriptures.

The coast of Capernaum, along the Sea of Galilee

Jerusalem's Temple Mount

The Jordan River

Model of Jerusalem in Jesus' time

Gideon's Spring

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Luke combines 25 years as a Bible teacher with 14 previous visits to Israel and 9 seasons of archaeological training and experience at biblical sites. He has taught on biblical subjects throughout the U.S., Europe, and South America and leads tours to the Bible Lands and Europe.

Luke and his wife Melanie live in the Tampa area with their 5 children. He holds an M.A. in Ancient History and is a minister with the North Terrace Church of Christ.

Luke Chandler is a Fla. Seller of Travel Reg. No. ST37750

Why Travel with Luke Chandler?

“Traveling with Luke to the Bible lands is an enriching experience that greatly enhances one's Bible study in a most pleasurable way.  Luke is so knowledgeable about all of the places visited, and he is a really personable guide who makes sure all of his travelers have a safe and exciting trip.”

Dr. Norene MacDonald

"My wife Linda and I wanted to tour Israel. We let life crowd it out of the picture. Then my wife took an archeological class that Luke Chandler taught at Florida College. That was it. We packed our bags and were ready to go.
"What impressed me? Luke took care of every detail before and during our trip. He tended to our needs throughout Israel. Luke’s knowledge of the Bible and the land of Israel, wrapped in his passion, made each day an adventure. He brought the prophets of old to life, and he brought visual clarity to the New Testament.
"There are defining moments in everyone’s life. When you take the trip to Israel with Luke, you will experience defining moments that you could not have experienced in any other way. There are a few things in life I would recommend to everyone. Taking the trip to Israel with Luke Chandler as your guide is one of them."

Mr. Lynn Wade, Principal of Florida College Academy

“Luke has a deep knowledge of the many sites I have visited with him in Israel. Luke also does a great job of presenting information in a way that people with different learning types can understand. With Luke making all the arrangements you can concentrate on the history of the Bible as it unfolds around you.”

Mr. Steven Braman - MA Ed. - Adult Educator

"Traveling and touring Israel with Luke Chandler was notable for both ease of arrangements and complete enjoyment of the many cities and sites on our Itinerary, more than 25 in 10 days! At each ancient site, we were blessed to have Luke tell us the dramatic stories there, from the Bible as well as archaeology and history.
"Every part of this tour—who and what we experienced—remains vividly in our minds and hearts as we live, study and worship.”

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Linda Wade