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January 22 - February 1, 2024


Egypt is one of the world’s most memorable destinations. Its stunning monuments and rich history have attracted visitors since ancient times. Biblical people such as Abraham & Sarah, Joseph, Jacob & his family, Moses & the Hebrews, Jeremiah, and even Jesus were here. The story of the Gospel continually passes through Egypt.

Join this magnificent trip to see the wonders and treasures of Egypt. This tour includes a 5-day river cruise that carries you through along the Nile in comfort and style. All cruise cabins face outward, giving you peaceful and beautiful views from your  room.

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See the Pyramids & the Sphinx, view Egypt's greatest treasures and stroll through Cairo's grand Bazarre, visit the Valley of the Kings, travel through the land of Goshen, where the ancient Hebrews lived, see where Moses and the Hebrews may have passed through the Sea, and admire modern wonders such as the Aswan High Dam.

This Egypt and Nile Cruise tour includes virtually everything:  roundtrip airfare from New York, first class hotel accommodations, sightseeing, and most meals. We handle everything so you can give your attention to the places and people around you. Join us on this magnificent travel adventure! Download the full brochure here

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