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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register for a trip without a valid passport?

Yes, you may register and save your place on a trip while processing or renewing your passport. Just submit the completed reservation form and the deposit to reserve your place. As soon as you receive your new passport, send a clear image of the photo page to Luke Chandler to complete your registration.

Where will we worship on Sundays?

We typically worship as a group in our hotel on Sunday morning before departing on the daily excursion. We sing, pray, hear a short lesson, and take the Lord's Supper together.

Are COVID tests or vaccines required for travel?

None of the countries we visit have any requirements related to COVID-19. Travel in nearly every place has returned to pre-pandemic norms. Be aware that governmental policies are subject to change, though no new restrictions are currently expected.

How much walking is involved?

Some destinations require more walking than others, so it's best to inquire directly about the trip you are considering. Many European countries have reasonable wheelchair and elevator access and usually require less walking. Destinations such as Israel, Greece, or Turkey have many hills and one must often walk up and down to get places. Egypt is generally flat but we must often walk significant distances to visit sites, and the Nile cruise boats use stairs to move between decks. If you have concerns about the amount of walking involved for a trip, inquire directly.

I have difficulty walking and may need a wheelchair at times. Will this affect my trip?

If you have difficulty walking or cannot walk far, you may need to reconsider your travel to some destinations. These tours require more walking than most Americans do at home. Guides and tour staff have existing responsibilities and cannot commit to pushing wheelchairs. Anyone needing a wheelchair, even just on occasion, must have a friend or family member with them who agrees to assist with any use of the chair.

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