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The Acts Sailing Tour

October 11-27, 2023

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Your journey begins in Istanbul and finishes in Athens. We’ll visit world-class archaeological sites such as Ephesus and Corinth, spend time on a Greek island, and enjoy a gentle weeklong cruise along the Turkish coast with delicious cuisine, relaxation, daily Bible study, and time to explore coastal towns and ancient ruins. Study Paul's biblical journeys in the very places we visit. This is a trip like no other! Download the full brochure below.

Our weeklong cruise is on a modern, crewed gulet (wooden yacht) following the same route Paul used in his missionary journeys. The boat has private cabins with private baths. You will be quite comfortable as you enjoy freshly prepared meals, relax, have opportunity to swim, and take in the beautiful views.  


After our  voyage we'll explore the magnificent ruins of ancient Ephesus and Miletus, spend a day and night on the Greek island of Samos, and enjoy three days in Athens and Corinth. See the Parthenon & Mars Hill, stand where Paul stood in ancient Corinth, and visit the Corinth Canal. The sights and experiences are simply amazing! You will return home with a full heart and refreshed mind. Download the full brochure here.

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